Zurich!: Day 2

Mon Dec 15 16:32:08 CET 2003

Monday December 15th 2003 5.45am - Up early. Earlier actually, put myself to sleep again. Damned jet lag I tell you. Watch some CNN, type stuff up, and get ready for breakfast.

7.30am - Go down for breakfast, and I should think I'd be the first, but I'm not; Thanakom beat me to it. Same breakfast as yesterday, and it looks like it'll be similar during the entire stay.

8.30am - Great, it starts snowing. We're not walking today. Peter gave us a lift. Saved us from walking. It's really snowing, but it's not that bad...

9.00am - We start the workshop on time. Excellent. We take a few breaks for the snow and all, but mainly, its all hard-core. Introduction to open source which I'm used to :)

1.00pm - Lunch! We get some nice beef, and chill-out with more photos.

2.00pm - Start the workshop again, and we actually get to play with tools! This is where the fun begins! Of course, we also realise that Windows is hopeless, and folk either have virii or are causing network traffic that shouldn't be there.

5.30pm - We decide to get dinner. Apparently, in Switzerland, Monday's are days that aren't good for restaurants. Things tend to be closed. So, they find one, its called Falcone, its about a tram stop away from the hotel we're staying at.

Some get a lift, some walk, and the others that were trying to get Aqeel into the car, were left behind. We walked as well (Mayu, Anirban, Thanakom and me), and we had gotten caught in a serious snow storm! This on the perfect day that I didn't even bring gloves. Great stuff.

6.30pm - We arrive back at Neufeld. The usual ten-minute walk, took nearly an hour to arrive. Well, Peter picked us up, so it was nice to know. Olaf was waiting at the hotel, and we stood around for a few more moments.

6.50pm - At the hotel, thru the snow. The storm disappeared, but it was still fairly snowy. We arrived, and Peter decided not to join us. Olaf took us to Falcone, a restaurant about a tram stop away; we walked though. We get a private room, and its all really nice, but they stuff up my order; I get the pork in mustard sauce for dinner that was supposed to go to Anirban. After dessert (an apple strudel, which Marissa had too), it was time to head back, and hit the sack!

It's worth mentioning that Markku picked up the tab; a whopping Sfr$789. Talk about expensive.


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