Zurich!: Day 6

Fri Dec 19 12:43:48 CET 2003

It's the last day for working, and after this, we'll be saying goodbye to the folk at SBS. Today, we have no organised material after 6pm. Well, I say 6pm, because thats when we leave the SBS after soaking up their Internet connection :)

We all take a walk home, as Peter has gone to the USA. It's really our "free" day now. We don't even have dinner together today, or well, that is the plan. However, it is decided that we all meet at 7pm and head to the Zurich train station so that we could find out about trips for the next day (Saturday).

So, we take the tram there at 7pm. It's Friday, so its late night shopping, till 9pm. Excellent. When we arrive, there's even a Christmas market of sorts, for the upcoming holidays. It costs about 40 francs to get to Lucerne, and at this stage, no one is sure if they want to go there tomorrow.

Oh well, its time to go get some shopping done. We walk around the entire market, and I find a little curio item - a candle holder, that fits on top of the cork of a wine bottle. Seen that before?

While some of us were looking for dinner, some of us decided to split up. Why this was so, baffles me, but it meant we had to scurry and search real hard before we found the next batch of people. So in the meantime, Tanakom, Pranav and myself were having some food, we managed to convince Tanakom to go talk to four girls, of Thai origin.

How'd I know they were Thai? Simple, one had an AFS backpack, and it said Thailand. After some coaxing, Tanakom gave in, and chatted them up. In due time, we were chatting with them too, took some photos, and found out one of them was having her birthday on the next day.

After lots of chit-chatting, we decided to go for another round of searching for the remaining party. Nowhere to be found, we took the tram back to the hotel. At which point, we dropped Pranav off, and took the tram back into the city.

To visit, El Cubanito. A night club, that the lady (well, young girl) at the front desk of the hotel recommended. After going in several wrong directions (keeping in mind none of us read German), we found the night-club. It's located on the 4th floor of a building, which was about a minute walk away from the tram stop!

Entered, paying Sfr$20. It is compulsory to visit the cloak room and dump your coats, for an additional cost of Sfr$2. Great. We entered, and it was rather spacious. And everyone was doing the salsa. Something that's not easy to do or lie about doing, if you don't know how to.

Had a few drinks (beers start at Sfr$7, whiskey on the rocks for the same, but a whiskey with Coke is Sfr$15). After many hours, we trotted back home to the hotel at about 3am. Whee.


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