Upgrading your PC Gemilang to Fedora Core 2

(or gotchas from an FC1->FC2 upgrade)

The PC Gemilang comes with a pretty much "everything" install of Fedora Core 1, with the addition of a few repositories like fedora.us and livna for extra packages that a standard Fedora Core install can't provide. Fedora Core 2 has been released, with much newer software - GNOME 2.6, OpenOffice.org 1.1.1, KDE3.2, GIMP 2, a newer Mozilla and so on. So it's safe to presume users will want to upgrade, and ensure their upgrade is as painless as possible.

Let's Begin

Firstly, let's make certain that you have all four CDs of Fedora Core 2. You'll be needing them all for the upgrade. Since the standard PC Gemilang comes with 128MB of RAM, and the RPM database is known to take a performance hit when its database grows, this upgrade can take up to three hours of your time - the best part is that it mostly happens by itself, and you only need to come back to swap CDs. Once all the CD swapping has completed, you can reboot the system. (Just for fun, some screenshots to make sure you're going the right way during the install: anaconda snapshots)


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