Getting fetchmail to work with IMail

Mon Aug 16 15:30:16 MYT 1999

IMail is mail software for Windows NT. Ipswitch Software makes this great piece of software, but it sits on the Windows environment. It gives you POP3 mail access or even web access, so its highly ideal for working environments.

Unix systems collect mail from IMail equally well. But when it came to fetchmail ( by Eric S. Raymond, it seemed next to impossible to collect mail.

The standard system would not work. The command is:-
     poll SOME.POP.SERVER proto POP3 user NAME pass WORD fetchall
That would just return errors, due to the way IMail handles usernames. A "live" example of a typical IMail configuration would be something like:-
     poll proto POP3 user pass somesecret fetchall
Do note that the user part could be changed to or certain others. But nothing worked.

So, a little tinkering was done with a man fetchmail, and even searching on the Web for the answer. But everything turned up zilch.

Finally, this configuration worked.

set postmaster "user"
set bouncemail
set properties ""

poll SOME.POP.SERVER with proto POP3
     user "user%some.pop.server" there with password "privatepass" is USER here options fetchall

The above configuration worked like a charm when collecting mail via fetchmail from IMail e-mail servers. It just proves that Unix can integrate with any system, Windows NT included!

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