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Last Updated: Tue Aug 26 01:11:10 EST 2003

For Malaysians that decide to use, things always get a little more interesting. This is because, in Malaysia, we predominantly have the Malays, the Indians and the Chinese. This melting pot brings us into an interesting area, as we not only speak English, we also have Bahasa Malaysia (or Bahasa Melayu), Mandarin, and Tamil as written languages. In terms of spoken languages and dialects, there are even more.


    Malaysian resources at - this is the official Native-Lang site. Currently barren.
  • Projek Singa Emas
    A site to localise OOo into the Bahasa Melayu language. The site is in BM, and there are hardly English translations currently. There are User Interface (UI) Message translations, along with a Glossary of common terms used within OOo. Be warned that you need to sign-up for an account (its free), before the resources are viewable.
  • Projek OpenOffice L10N ms_MY
    Download this resource by Bustamam Harun, and install it. Follow the instructions (currently in Malay), and your Linux-based will work. Its current to 1.0.3, but will most likely work on 1.1, unless there have been major changes.
  • Chinese (TW)
  • Chinese (CN)
  • Hindi
  • Status of OOo localisation (including the status for Tamil)



    A company located in Ampang, accepting orders from all over Malaysia - payment by credit card or bank-in into their account.
  • Byte Craft Sdn. Bhd.
    Official CD distributors as well, another KL-based company.
  • Asian Open Source Centre
    Here, they send you CD's for FREE, Malaysia-wide. Offer is limited to 2 packages, and the current offer may be withdrawn or changed to "cost price" in the future.


  • Malaysian National Computer Confederation
    Organisers of the OSS 101 Appreciation Workshop, which includes training of the OOo package during the first day. Practical exposure to all the applications within the package occur here, as with many other Open Source related utilities.

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