Sun Dec 14 16:13:40 CET 2003

Day 1 - I arrive, look at closed shops, go up to Uetilberg, visit the Top of Zurich, and have a wonderful meal.

Day 2 - Work begins, it snows, we have an expensive meal, and its time to sleep.

Day 3 - It's really just more work, and this time we eat at a cheaper place; Italian pizza place, Peter joins us, but Olaf, Marissa and Markku don't.

Day 4 - Work. Work. Work. We have yet another interesting meal, this time nearer Peter's place. They serve Mah Mee, which costs Sfr$25, and its really just fried noodles (Maggi mee?). I didn't have that, but I got my veal with risotto. Yum.

Day 5 - After work, we head back to Uetilberg for a repeat of Day 1. The Top of Zurich is where we eat, and this time I choose a whole bunch of vegetarian delights; the others ate what I had on Sunday. Dinner hosted by the SBS.

Day 6 - Friday! Breakout time, right?


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